uzbekistan / tashkent
The large-scale residential complex Mirabad Avenue premium should be one of the most attractive and memorable buildings in the city. This effect is achieved through vivid classical architectural proportions and the use of national ornaments. The facades of buildings are made using natural materials: stone, decorative tiles with multicolor oriental ornaments, copper and steel parts. This harmonious combination of materials determines the whole appearance of the facade. Each of these elements and components has a specific color, texture and decor, saturating the appearance of houses with richness and diversity. Therefore, the main idea was not to argue with architecture, but to observe it.
The accent of the entire interior is a comfortable waiting area in seasoned tones. Furniture stands out for its eccentricity, courage of forms and color solutions: from bright prints to the calm dignity of monochrome colors, from classic strict lines to surreal bends.
Dark color, like no other, successfully demonstrates the idea of a high-tech luxury, and becomes the starting point for choosing interior design. Porcelain tile is in the top of fashionable finishes; it should become a winning element for modern design. However, to emphasize the power of dark colors, you can not do without light. Travertine is in perfect harmony with almost any style - from elegant classics to laconic minimalism. As a finishing material, travertine combines all the advantages of natural light and dark stone, dictates the rhythm on the walls, thereby adding dynamics to the interior.
With a minimalistic palette, the atmosphere in the interior is created by metallic and shiny accents, the frames of tables and lamps and mirror portals with a national ornament. Thus, a well-chosen palette reveals a wealth of textures of brass, marble, stone and glass. Light and lighting - there are no separate luminaires in the interior, only linear and spot lights that create a special atmosphere.